Mental health

Introducing Mental Health 101

Did you know that according to the CDC, suicide is the second leading cause of death in the Gen Z community1, and yet only 16% of all children receive mental health assistance in school?2

At Rare Beauty, we want to help change that. We believe that it’s important to meet young people where they’re at—in schools—and that learning about mental health is just as important as any other subject.

That’s why, in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, we’re launching the Mental Health 101 campaign. Mental Health 101 advocates for more mental health in education, empowers our community, and encourages financial support for more mental health services in educational settings.

Join us

Here’s how you can join us in making an impact this month:

  1. Sign our  petition calling on the philanthropy community to support mental health services in schools
  2. Donate to the Rare Impact Fund. Rare Beauty will be matching donations of $200,000!
  3. Share the Mental Health 101 campaign toolkit on social and with your friends

Spread the word

A preview of the Mental Health 101 campaign toolkit, made for you to easily share on social.


1According to the CDC, as cited in Business Insider, 2019. Kiersz, A. Akhtar, A. (2019, October 19). Suicide is Gen Z's second-leading cause of death, and it's a worse epidemic than anything millennials faced at that age. Business Insider.

2According to the Annual State of Health in America, as cited in USA Today, 2021. Franklin, K. Gerstenhaber, K. (2021, February 7). In COVID’s wake, we need a mandatory health curriculum in schools. USA Today.