Introducing the Rare Impact Ambassador program

Rare Impact is proud to announce our first-ever Rare Impact Ambassador program!

Bringing this exciting new program to life, Rare Impact has brought together 28 college and graduate students across the U.S. who have been nominated by our mental health community partners as mental health champions in their community.

The Rare Impact Ambassador program focuses on three pillars: Advocacy, Community, and Growth. 

Rare Impact Ambassadors will:

  1. Amplify the mission of Rare Impact;
  2. Learn tangible takeaways to be a mental health advocate for themselves and others, and;
  3. Be champions for the Rare Beauty brand, community, and inclusion, aiming to help destigmatize mental health.

Many thanks to our Rare Beauty Mental Health Council and our mental health community partners from BridgingTheGap Ventures, Sad Girls Club, JED Foundation, Didi Hirsch, and Chegg for their tremendous ongoing support in making this program possible!

Follow along and learn more about our Rare Impact Ambassadors here.