What is Self-Love?

Self-love is the practice of caring for your own wellbeing and happiness. To get a sense of what it feels like, close your eyes and picture someone you care for very much. Notice how you feel. Now, direct those feelings toward yourself – that’s self-love!  

What self-love is not:  

  • A destination 
  • Self-confidence  
  • Arrogance 
  • Dependent on what others think of you 

What self-love is:  

  • A lifelong process 
  • Important for everyone 
  • Part of mental wellness 
  • Maintained with action and effort 

How do I know that my self-love needs some attention? 

  • Feeling depleted 
  • Experiencing mental or physical tension 
  • Overall decline in mental health 
  • Frequent self-critical thoughts 
  • A tendency to make self-defeating statements 

Self-love takes time, care, and continual practice. Don’t worry if it feels like there’s a lot of work to do. With one step at a time, you’ve got this.  

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